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Fox News' Brian Kilmeade argues schools should reopen because 'life is full of risks'

Like getting picked last for dodgeball or losing lunch money to a bully, Fox News' Brian Kilmeade thinks coronavirus is just a hurdle kids have to overcome.

The Fox and Friends host is unabashedly in favor of reopening schools this fall despite the fact that COVID-19 cases are rising dramatically in many states. In fact, Kilmeade suggested, the deadly virus is something they can learn from. "Life is full of risks, kids should learn that early," Kilmeade said, adding again that "life is full of hurdles, you've got to find a way to overcome."

Kilmeade went on to say most children won't even be affected by COVID-19, which is likely true. But he glosses over the fact that children pass the virus to each other and bring it home, and suggests teachers who could also contract the disease are "used to clearing challenges" who "don't do it for the money."

Kilmeade's argument comes after Florida announced it will require schools to reopen in August for in-person classes. Florida has seen skyrocketing case numbers over the past few weeks, while schools in the Northeast, where coronavirus has finally slowed, have so far recommended hybrid options for schools this fall.