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RNC 2020

Ivanka Trump dubs her father 'the people's president'

Ivanka Trump, President Trump's eldest daughter and one of his senior advisers, introduced her father at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night, and said he came to Washington not to "win the praise from the Beltway elites," but rather to "make America great again."

The president is a prolific tweeter, who uses the platform to praise and belittle, and Trump said she recognizes that his "communication style is not to everyone's taste, and I know that his tweets can feel a bit unfiltered, but the results speak for themselves." He has "strong convictions," she continued, and "knows what he believes and he says what he thinks. Whether you agree with him or not, you always know where he stands."

He is "the people's president," she said, and is working to build a future where "kids can believe in American greatness" and there is a "culture where differences of opinion and debate are encouraged, not canceled." Trump stated that she has been with her father when machinists and steel workers "come to him with a tear in their eye and thank him for being the only person willing to go to the mat for them, for their jobs, and for their families," and declared that while people "attack" him for being "unconventional," she loves him "for being real" and respects him for "being effective."