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Fox News journalist Trump wants fired over reports on his alleged U.S. troops insults: 'My sources are unimpeachable'

President Trump's tumultuous relationship with Fox News continued Friday after journalist Jennifer Griffin backed up previous reporting by The Atlantic that Trump had insulted U.S. military personnel who were killed or captured in action. The president, who has denied the reports, called for Griffin's firing on Friday night.

Griffin, though, stood by her reporting on Saturday. She told Fox News' Neil Cavuto that her sources are "unimpeachable" and she feels very confident in her reporting.

Griffin also addressed criticism from Trump and his supporters who have focused on the fact that the sources cited in The Atlantic, Fox News, and a host of other outlets were anonymous. She noted that Deep Throat, the source behind Watergate, was an unnamed source, indicating that it's long been a legitimate journalistic practice. Griffin did acknowledge she'd prefer to have her sources appear on camera, but said "you can see how people get destroyed when" they come forward with negative stories about Trump, which has made many people "reluctant" to do so.