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Trump-Biden transition

Trump administration official blocking Biden transition is reportedly looking for a new job herself

Emily Murphy, the head of the federal General Services Administration, has suddenly rocketed from obscure bureaucrat to the woman preventing President-elect Joe Biden and his team from getting intelligence briefings, access to federal officials planning the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, and other elements for a smooth and peaceful transfer of power.

For the transition to start, Murphy has to "ascertain" that Biden likely won the election. She has yet to do so more than a week after it became clear Biden was elected, testing the patience of many Democrats and even some top Republicans. President Trump, who appointed Murphy in 2017, has not conceded the race.

But while she won't allow Biden to prepare for his presidency, Murphy herself is looking for a new job, ABC News reports, citing a message in which she inquired about employment opportunities in 2021. A GSA spokesperson told ABC News that Murphy is not actively looking for a new job but added that it isn't unusual for people in government to consider their future options. Johnny McEntee, the 30-year-old head of Trump's Office of Presidential Personnel, has informed White House and administration employees that they will be fired if caught looking for new jobs, ABC News and other news organizations have reported. People are looking anyway.

Murphy's "self-dealing" job search especially "exposes the hypocrisy" of the Trump administration's position, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) told ABC News. "That's a de facto recognition that there's an incoming administration, and it's not called Trump — it's called Biden."