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nashville bombing

The FBI is reportedly investigating if Nashville bomber believed in conspiracies about 5G, lizard people

As authorities try to figure out a motive behind the Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville, they are looking into whether the bomber believed in a bizarre conspiracy that claims Hollywood actors and the political elite are actually lizards from outer space, two law enforcement officials told NBC News on Wednesday.

The suspect has been identified as 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner of Antioch, Tennessee. The bombing, which killed Warner, damaged at least 40 buildings, including an AT&T office. The blast caused disruption to communications in the region, affecting 911 call centers, the Nashville airport, and hospitals.

The law enforcement officials told NBC News they have been speaking with friends, relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances of Warner, and have learned Warner made statements about unfounded conspiracies involving lizard people and talked about camping in an undisclosed location in Tennessee, where he would hunt for possible aliens. Because the bomb went off near the AT&T building, investigators are also looking into whether Warner believed in the baseless conspiracy that 5G mobile service causes cancer. Read more at NBC News.