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It wasn't all bad

After studying in secret, Illinois dad surprises family by graduating from college

When Mike Loven went back to school in 2016, he decided to keep it under wraps. Last fall, he finally revealed the secret, letting his Grand Canyon University Alumni shirt do the talking.

Loven, 47, lives in Machesney Park, Illinois, and owns a staffing company. At the same time he enrolled at Grand Canyon University, his daughter, Taleigh Loven, 23, was also attending the school. They weren't the only college students in the family — Loven's wife, Carrie, and 25-year-old son, Austin, were earning their degrees at other universities.

Loven told Good Morning America he wanted to surprise his family, and decided he would let them know about his return to college once he graduated. They didn't suspect a thing — when he worked on his homework, they thought the spreadsheets were for his company, not an accounting class. In October, Loven earned his bachelor's degree in finance and economics, while Taleigh received her degree in psychology.

During a celebration for Taleigh, the Loven family was confused when Mike put on a Grand Canyon University Alumni shirt, followed by a cap and gown. Once they learned what he had done, they were ecstatic. "During the time that he was working on his degree, he carried the load for us as he has for my entire life," Taleigh told GMA. "His selfless act shows a glimpse to his character." Catherine Garcia