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Democrats introduce bill to bar 'twice impeached' presidents from Arlington Cemetery burial

House Democrats are trying to make sure no one remembers former President Donald Trump.

With a bill that doesn't mention Trump's name but is clearly aimed at him, a collection of Democratic House members are looking to block any "twice impeached" president from pretty much any recognition on federal land. That includes barring federal funds from going toward building a dedicated "highway, park, subway, federal building, military installation, street, or other federal property" as well as preventing that president's burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

Former presidents usually get a good number of perks once they leave office, including receiving a pension and funding to pay for assistants. But this bill would strip any twice-impeached president of all of that, save for Secret Service protection. Federal funds couldn't be used to create or rededicate monuments or buildings to Trump, or go to any state that intends to use those funds to do so.

A group of Democrats introduced the bill in late January, but it hasn't made much headway since. And regardless of its chances of success in Congress, the bill likely wouldn't bother Trump much anyway: He probably has his name on more buildings than a lot of former presidents combined.