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A majority of American men wash their face with hand soap

Despite the proliferation of products explicitly labeled "FOR MEN," most apparently haven't started up a careful skin care regimen.

A study by YouGov released Wednesday revealed that a whopping 56 percent of U.S. men are washing their faces with hand or body soap.

To be fair, your face is a part of your body, so using something labeled "body soap" on your face seems reasonable, or at least more reasonable than using, say, dish soap. But the poll also notes that "using regular bar soap or hand soap on the face can cause dryness and irritation," and 60 percent of men do not use moisturizer on their faces at all.

Rather than treat "skin" and "care" as four-letter words, may we suggest a trip to your local drugstore for some actual "face wash?"

The YouGov poll surveyed 3,978 U.S. adults between February 6 - 7, 2021. The margin of error is ±2.4 percent.