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Late night comedians react to the queen's reaction to the Harry and Meghan interview, and Piers Morgan's

"Everyone is still talking about Oprah's special with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and today Buckingham Palace finally responded with a statement" saying the queen is "saddened" by their experience and will address the racism and other issues "privately," Jimmy Fallon said on Tuesday's Tonight Show. "For those who aren't fluent in 'palace speak,' they're basically saying 'We're sorry you feel this way.'"

"If Buckingham Palace is just learning the full extent of Harry and Meghan's feelings now, wait until they find out what's been going on with Prince Andrew," Fallon joked. "And in 'making the story all about you' news, Piers Morgan — who faced backlash over harsh comments about Harry and Meghan — will depart his show, Good Morning Britain." Worse, he added, "after months of criticizing Meghan Markle for making an emotional exit, Piers stormed offstage in an emotional exit."

Despite the statement from Buckingham Palace, which Stephen Colbert read in Town Crier regalia on The Late Show, Morgan and other "fans of the royal family dumped a crumpet in their knickers" after the broadcast, he said. "Piers Morgan is such a baby, someone at Buckingham Palace just asked what color he's gonna be. Piers didn't just storm off the set in slow-motion twit-snit," he quit, Colbert noted. "Congratulations, tomorrow's going to be a great morning, Britain."

Colbert also addressed the other big kerfuffle in the news: Major Biden's "biting incident." "I just want to point out," he said, "that we're a month and a half into the Biden administration and the first scandal is literally dog bites man."

The Late Show combined the two news stories — the British royals and the German Shepherds.

Yes, "at the White House, there's been what's been described as a 'biting incident' involving President Biden's German Shepherd Major," now remanded to Delaware, Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live. "See, that's another difference between Biden and Trump. When Biden's dog misbehaves, they send him home; when Trump's misbehaved, he sent his supporters to storm the Capitol and get him." He was impressed by the clenched-teeth diplomacy of the royal family's statement on Harry and Meghan, and his Aunt Chippy showed how this would have been handled in the Kimmel family.

Britons were shocked at both Harry and Meghan's revelations and the U.S. drug ads, Conan O'Brien noted. He imagined other U.S. commercials that played during the British rebroadcast, with slight modifications. Peter Weber