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It wasn't all bad

Minnesota woman uses her treasured postcard collection to stay connected with friends

Over the years, Mary Steinbicker has amassed quite the collection of postcards — she asked for them as wedding gifts, and always picks up a few while traveling — and as her 2020 New Year's resolution, decided she would send out one postcard a day, just to let a friend or relative know she was thinking about them.

The Minnetonka, Minnesota, resident didn't know it at the time, but this was the perfect resolution to make for a pandemic year. She kept up with her resolution, mailing one postcard a day, making sure to personalize each note. Some were sent for birthdays or other milestone occasions, and Steinbicker made it clear the postcard may feature a picture of an overseas destination, but she was hunkering down at home.

Sending postcards is "just a little different way to let people know there's somebody out there," Steinbicker told the Star Tribune. Her 174th postcard went to Kay Christianson, a longtime friend who lives in Linden Hills, Minnesota. After reading the card from Steinbicker, Christianson was motivated to start writing weekly letters to her aunt who lived in a nursing home and was unable to have visitors.

Steinbicker is still regularly writing postcards well into 2021, and told the Star Tribune she wants her friends to know that despite the distance, "I'm still thinking about you. I hope people can rejoice a little bit in that."