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Joss Whedon has been going by 'Joss' for so long that his wife might get deported

Director Joss Whedon's Canadian wife could be deported because he's gone by the name "Joss" for so long, instead of his legal birth name "Joseph," The Toronto Sun reports.

Whedon married Heather Horton in February, and is required to provide his birth certificate to prove his U.S. citizenship for her green card process. But Whedon has been using his nickname, "Joss," on his documents for "decades," including on his driver's license and his passport, meaning he can't get a copy of his birth certificate, where his name is still "Joseph," very easily.

Additionally, Whedon's birth certificate is full of errors, like an incorrect maiden name for his mother and his birthplace being listed as "Santa Monica, New York" — a place that doesn't even exist.

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