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the edge of war

Harris meets with Ukrainian president in Munich

Vice President Kamala Harris met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, The Hill reports.

President Biden told reporters on Friday he is "convinced" Russian President Vladimir Putin has made up his mind to invade Ukraine, but a diplomatic solution could still be possible.

Zelensky told Harris, through an interpreter, that he is grateful for American support and that "the only thing we want is to have peace." Harris reportedly "reiterated U.S. support for Ukraine," per The Hill.

Zelensky has faced criticism for leaving Ukraine when an invasion might commence any day. CNN reported that the Biden administration privately urged Zelensky to remain with his people, but Biden refused to publicly condemn the Ukrainian leader for his decision. "That's a judgment for him to make," Biden said Friday.

In a speech delivered the same day, Harris warned the U.S. and NATO would respond to a Russian invasion of Ukraine with "far-reaching financial sanctions and export controls" that "will target Russia's financial institutions and key industries" and "inflict great damage," according to CNN.

Speaking after Harris, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a Russian invasion of Ukraine "would be an absolute disaster be disaster for Europe, a disaster for Ukraine, and a disaster, certainly for Russia," per the Independent.

Even China joined in calling for peace. Chinese Foreign Minister told the assembled leaders and diplomats the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of every country ought to be respected and "Ukraine is no exception," China expert Noah Barkin posted on Twitter.