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Investigators believe cargo ship dragged California oil pipeline in January

Federal investigators trying to determine what caused an oil spill off the Southern California coast earlier this month believe that during a heavy storm in January, the anchor of the MSC DANIT hit the underwater pipeline, pulling it for more than 100 feet. 

Coast Guard Lt. j.g. SondraKay Kneen said on Sunday that it's thought the anchor bent the pipeline, but did not break it. The MSC DANIT is a 1,200-foot cargo ship registered in Panama and operated by the MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company. The ship arrived at the Port of Long Beach this weekend, and investigators are on board.

It's estimated that 25,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Pacific Ocean because of this leak, killing wildlife. Kneen made it clear that investigators do not know for certain yet if the DANIT's anchor caused the leak, or if there was another reason for the pipeline damage. "We're still looking at multiple vessels and scenarios," she said.