WATCH: Katy Perry's gratingly emoji-packed 'Roar' video
If you're over 30, you might need a translator

Because we don't already spend enough time looking at our cell phone screens, enterprising pop star Katy Perry has released a video for her new single "Roar" that relies heavily on an iPhone text message screen, with a series of emoji-laden "text messages" spelling out the lyrics to the song.

"I got the eye of the tiger," sings Perry, in a totally original metaphor that's not shamelessly cribbed from the Rocky III soundtrack at all. "You're gonna hear me roar — louder, louder than a lion, 'cause I am a champion," continues Perry — who is, incidentally, receiving some of these text messages while sitting on the toilet, in a blatant violation of both texting etiquette and basic sanitary concerns.

The video closes with a POV shot of Perry kissing her cat in the bathtub, and the cat's blank-eyed stoicism is a fairly accurate visual representation of what it feels like to listen to "Roar" — just hanging, limply, as Perry drowns you in another inescapably auto-tuned anthem. But love it or hate it, you should probably get used to hearing "Roar" now — if it's anything like "Firework" or "California Gurls," you'll be hearing it for years to come on the Top 40 station that plays on a loop at your local gas station.

Scott Meslow is the entertainment editor and film and television critic for He has written about film and television at publications including The AtlanticPOLITICO Magazine, and Vulture.


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