• Uh oh    April 22 
Avril Lavigne's new video is just the latest cultural-appropriation atrocity

In what is sadly just the latest in a long tradition of pop stars appropriating other cultures, Avril Lavigne has decided to swap out her "sk8r girl" vibe for a new, artificial, and totally "kawaii" one.

Avril's latest single, "Hello Kitty," is a pop-dubstep nightmare of nonsense in which the 29-year-old channels her inner Ke$ha and sing-talks about slumber parties and spin the bottle. In the video, the Canadian singer shouts random Japanese words, eats sushi, and roams the streets of Tokyo with her crew of all-Japanese backup dancers. The whole thing is a nauseating blend of juvenile lyrics and candy-colored visuals, with more than a dash of casual cultural appropriation thrown in. Watch it and decide for yourself. --Samantha Rollins

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