The music of the eclectic Los Angeles-based band Grouplove is rife with soaring harmonies, catchy melodies, and a youthful attitude. The indie pop quintet's sophomore album, Spreading Rumours, sees the band maximizing their crossover potential — you can practically hear the festival crowds singing along to their anthemic choruses. As the band gets ready to head out on yet another tour, The Week spoke to Christian Zucconi (vocals/guitar), Hannah Hooper (vocals/keys), Ryan Rabin (drums), Andrew Wessen (guitar/vocals), and Dan Gleason (bass) about everything from dreamy grooves to riffs that sound better on an open highway.

Below, six of their favorite jams for a road trip:

1. Colour Revolt, "8 Years"
GLEASON: "This whole song is about touring and how bizarre/inspiring/demoralizing/thrilling the experience can be. I love the line, 'one man's limo is another man's hearse.' Few things are more important than perspective whether on or off the road. '8 Years' is the title track to The Cradle, an album that's a constant source of inspiration."

2. Frank Black and the Catholics, "Pan American Highway"
HOOPER: "This is simply the greatest traveling song of all time, especially when you live your life on the road."

3. Sublime, "Garden Grove"
RABIN: "This song reminds me of when I first got my driver's license in L.A. at 16. I was listening to this album [40oz. to Freedom] nonstop, and this is the opening track on it. It's just an incredible summertime driving song and some of the sounds used remind me of old school L.A. hip hop."

4. Hot Snakes, "Plenty For All"
ZUCCONI: "This is a great anthemic opening guitar riff that sounds better on a open highway with the windows rolled down. This was me and Hannah's road trip song when we drove out to California from New York City to start the band."

5. The Modern Lovers, "Roadrunner"
WESSEN: "A quintessential travel song. Jonathan Richman's rambling lyrics about the highway late at night, the radio on and the stop 'n shops in Massachusetts make perfect imagery for a trip out of town."

6. Ambulance LTD, "Sugar Pill"
WESSEN: "Off one of my favorite records of 2004, LP, this song is a rolling dreamy groove that sends you off into the ether in a perfect state of bliss."

Spreading Rumours is out now on Atlantic.

(This interview was condensed and edited by Samantha Rollins.)

Watch the video for "I'm With You" below:

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