Summer is truly the season of sweets. Our freezers are consistently stocked with one too many pints of ice cream, our fridges with the sweetest, juiciest summer fruits. We've traded dense chocolate cakes for cold, creamy desserts, and welcomed the triumphant return of pie with tart fruit fillings and flaky crusts.

But hot summer days pose a challenge in the kitchen: working with pastry dough suddenly seems like a Herculean task; those gorgeous summer berries refuse to stay fresh for more than a few days; and turning on our ovens is a test of strength and bravery.

Luckily, following a few simple tips and tricks can help you to avoid some inevitable hot-kitchen mishaps and pull off the perfect summer desserts, from ice cream to cakes to crumbles.


Summer fruit

Ice cream

Whipped cream

Crumbles, crisps, and cobblers

Photos by James Ransom and Mark Weinberg

This article originally appeared on Everything you need to know about summer desserts

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