The first trailer for the third season of HBO's Girls starts in a setting very unfamiliar to the show's central quartet of characters: Nature. "The glory of God is all around us, Hannah. Trees, frogs, birdy-birds," yells Adam (Adam Driver) during a rare sojourn outside Brooklyn. "I hate this!" screams Hannah (Lena Dunham), sitting down in the woods. "It is really liberating to say no to shit you hate."

If that isn't enough of a tip-off, it's clear from the rest of this trailer that season three is business as usual for the girls of Girls. Marnie insists that she's okay as her life descends back into instability; Shoshanna and Ray navigate the awkwardness of their post-breakup etiquette; Jessa tries to figure out why a friend would pretend to be dead just so she didn't have to hang out with her. (Gee, why would anyone do that?)

The biggest change seems to be for Hannah, who's on an upswing after reuniting with Adam in last year's season two finale and getting a job in some kind of office. "Everything that's been so terrible and painful in the last few months was leading me to this point, you know?" says Hannah to a therapist. "And it's amazing that I hold the keys to the prison that is my mind."

Of course, this is Girls, so it's safe to assume that there's some kind of fall on the horizon. But the real question is whether the show can bounce back from its uneven second season, which veered wildly in both story and tone.

Will Girls stay in the zeitgeist? We'll find out when the third season premieres on January 12.