Crispy, crunchy, slathered in butter and jam, or dipped in a runny egg yolk — let's face it: Toast is pretty much the perfect food. But why should breakfast get all the glory? Topped with some ricotta and fresh herbs, toast can be a beautiful, elegant appetizer — or, with eggs, or mushrooms, or fish, it can be a full-on dinner. Here are 10 of our favorite non-breakfast toast recipes.

Smoked salmon on mustard-chive and dill butter toasts by Kukla

Celery salad and cheese on toast by Amanda Hesser

My best tomato sandwich by Merrill Stubbs

Jennie Cook's zucchini butter by Genius Recipes

Herbed ricotta and anchovy crostini by Sagegreen

Provençal tuna melt by boulangere

Toasted goat cheese crostini with basil and red onion jam by Merrill Stubbs

Grilled garlic toast by Merrill Stubbs

Mushroom on toasts by fiveandspice

Bruschetta with ricotta, honey, and lemon by Merrill Stubbs

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