Footage of tornadoes isn't uncommon, as anyone who followed the Oklahoma tornadoes or the Brooklyn "bronado" can attest. But video from within a tornado is pretty rare, mostly because people who care about living usually take cover when one hits.

Apparently, the Italian cameraman who shot the video above has a rather nonchalant approach to the whole life-and-limb thing, taking video of one of several tornadoes that hit the northeast of Milan on Monday. The cameraman courted danger even further by standing in a room full of windows.

"One basic rule is AVOID WINDOWS," advises the Centers for Disease Control. "An exploding window can injure or kill."

Other videos have also surfaced from the region, where damage to buildings and several injuries have been reported.

While tornadoes are far more common in America than in the rest of the world, Italy is a relative hot-spot for twisters in Europe, due to the fact that it "sits in a transition zone between warm, humid air over the Mediterranean and cooler, drier air over continental Europe," according to The Washington Post.