John Oliver promised/warned us on Monday, but Tuesday night's Daily Show went full-court coverage of the birth of the royal baby. The as-yet-unnamed son was shown to the world for the first time by its parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Oliver is impressed with the pomp and madness in his native Britain — and its former colonies — but not in a good way.

Oliver makes one dig after another about his country's rabid speculation with the baby's name, its unintelligible town criers, and even the royals themselves. "Finally we have a member of the royal family with an actual excuse for being a toothless, petulant, useless human being," Oliver says. The only thing the Britons are doing right, he adds, are drinking.

In the next Royal Baby portion of the show, Oliver skewers the media for its ongoing obsession over the Queen's new great-grandson — and then takes verbal aim at Queen Elizabeth herself. Her Majesty is not excited — about the baby or anything, Oliver says. Her constant expression, a "saggy mixture of boredom and contempt," is a constant visual reminder that she doesn't "give a royal sh*t" about anything, Oliver says:

Finally, Oliver involves the rest of the Daily Show family. Samantha Bee talks about how the media is going through its own postpartum depression. Jessica Williams goes to the fictional boutique where the Prince of Cambridge is fictionally registered. Al Madrigal pretends to be a town crier. And Jason Jones gets into a pub fight with a fake horse. Gaga indeed: