There are multiple wildfires raging in Colorado right now. The worst of them, located northeast of Colorado Springs in the Black Forest area, has destroyed more buildings than any other fire in state history. Another near Royal Gorge Bridge and Park threatens the highest suspension bridge in the United States. Here is a look at the devastation by the numbers:

Homes destroyed so far by the Black Forest fire. El Paso County officials haven't been able to confirm the condition of 79 additional homes, meaning that number could rise significantly in the coming days. The previous record was 347 homes destroyed in 2012 by the Waldo Canyon fire west of Colorado Springs.

People who have been forced to evacuate the Black Forest area. So far, no deaths or injuries have been reported, although one person who refused to evacuate is considered missing.

Acres consumed by the Black Forest fire since it started Tuesday. The cause of the fire isn't clear.

Percentage of the Black Forest fire that has currently been contained by firefighters.

35 mph
Wind speeds expected Thursday afternoon, with single-digit humidity and a high of 83 degrees. Weather forecasts predict a 10 percent chance of isolated showers sometime in the afternoon.

Air tankers dropping fire retardant over the fires throughout Colorado. That accounts for every single tanker currently contracted by the U.S. Forest Service, which has forced the agency to ask the Department of Defense if it can borrow several cargo planes.

$5.5 million
Funds authorized by Gov. John Hickenlooper to fight the Black Forest fire. The governor has also approved $4.5 million to contain the Royal Gorge fire and $150,000 to fight a smaller one Huerfano County, located in southern Colorado.

Prisoners evacuated from the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility due to the Royal Gorge fire.

Chickens, along with hundreds of horses and several cows, miniature horses, and alpacas, taking refuge in a country fairground northeast of the Black Forest area.