Today, the FBI announced the arrest of a Minnesota man believed to have been plotting a "localized terror attack."

Buford Rogers, a 24 year-old from Montevideo, Minn., was arrested Friday and charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He appeared in federal court Monday, and will have a second hearing Wednesday to set the terms of his detention. 

The investigation is ongoing, but a number of early details are available. Here's what we know so far:

1. An attack was probably not imminent

Authorities believe Rogers was planning to attack an undisclosed area in western Minnesota, and that he'd possibly targeted local authorities. According to the AP, that target was likely somewhere in Rogers' home town of Montevideo.

However, investigators believe Rogers was still in the very early planning stages, and that an attack was not imminent. Nonetheless, "the FBI believes that a terror attack was disrupted by law enforcement personnel and that the lives of several local residents were potentially saved," the Minneapolis FBI office said in a statement.

Law enforcement officials have been quick to shoot down any speculation about whether Rogers was acting alone or as part of a group. They've also declined to say if more arrests may be on the way.

"This is an ongoing investigation," FBI spokesman Kyle A. Loven told the Los Angeles Times.

2. The suspect allegedly had militia ties and believed in conspiracy theories

According to NBC News' Pete Williams and Daniel Arkin, Rogers has ties to an as yet unidentified militia group. ABC News, citing Montevideo Police Chief Adam Christopher, said Rogers had formed an organization called the Black Snake Militia. 

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Rogers has a social media footprint that's heavy on conspiracy theories about big government taking away citizens' rights.

From the Star Tribune

"The NWO [New World Order] has taken all your freedoms the right to bear arms freedom of speach freedom of the press ..." read one profanity-punctuated message.

"ever one better get your guns ready cuz there comeing FEMA" and "The war is here tsa agents are doing random cheeks and shooting people for no reson," read others.

Photos in his Facebook account show him with various firearms, along with several people with guns and wearing clown makeup. [Star Tribune]

A neighbor of Rogers' who spoke with the Star Tribune added that Rogers sometimes talked about "white supremacist stuff."

3. Rogers reportedly had a weapons cache

According to an affidavit obtained by the Associated Press, FBI agents searched Rogers' mobile home Friday, finding several firearms, Molotov cocktails, and what they suspect are pipe-bombs. One of those firearms, according to the AP, is a Romanian AKM assault rifle. 

According to USA Today, Rogers admitted to firing that weapon twice in the past. 

4. Rogers is a convicted felon

Rogerswas convicted in 2011 of felony burglary, making him ineligible to buy a firearm that has crossed state or international boundaries, hence the new charge against him.

He also pled guilty to a misdemeanor of "dangerous handling of a weapon" and other violations in 2009, according to the Star Tribune.