Martha Stewart has joined That's a real thing. The 71-year-old media mogul says she turned to online dating after watching several employees find successful matches online, and after talking to her niece's new husband, Dan Slater, who kind of wrote the book on the topic, Love in the Time of Algorithms.

In general, "people are either surprised or snarky about Martha Stewart going onto to find a guy," says Pepper Schwartz at CNN. Well, "what did they think she was going to do: Make a man out of paper maché or cookie dough?" Lots of people 50 and older are flocking to the internet to make a love connection, or at least land a date, Schwartz says. Why? "When men and women get over 50, the odds of just bumping into Ms. or Mr. Right aren't in their favor." Stewart deserves credit for "her bravery and knowing what she wants, without letting pride get in the way."

Call it snark or call it a loving homage, but Conan O'Brien has added his particular brand of humor to Stewart's online quest. "Rather than comment," though, says Mariella Mosthof at The Braiser, "he simply shared with the audience Martha's profile video, which was partly a declaration of her needs and desires, and partly a how-to, Martha-style." Watch Conan's spiced-up version of Stewart's profile above, but be warned that things get mildly kinky.

Or, here's the real Martha Stewart discussing her decision to join the online dating world, on NBC's Today: