1. Keira Knightley might be getting married this weekend
Marking the end of an engagement that lasted for nearly a year, Keira Knightley and fiance James Righton are reportedly set to get married in a small, top-secret ceremony in France this weekend — or at least, a ceremony that was top-secret, until someone told The Daily Mail about it. "It's all been a massive covert operation — her friends and family were only told recently about the ceremony," says a source. The source added that guests have been given a series of elaborate instructions "so as not to draw attention to the wedding party," security measures that apparently neglected that crucial bit about not blabbing to a national newspaper. 

2. No, Die Hard 6 will not be titled Die Hardest
Earlier today, a widely circulated report claimed that the next Die Hard sequel, which follows this year's A Good Day To Die Hard, would take Bruce Willis to Tokyo for a new adventure under the hilariously blunt title Die Hardest. But don't say yippee kay-yay just yet; Screen Crush says reports of Die Hardest's imminent arrival have been greatly exaggerated. "There is no truth to this whatsoever," says a source at 20th Century Fox, which does, unfortunately, sound pretty definitive. With Die Hardest out of the running, fans will have to settle for one of the other eight dozen throwback action franchises currently in development.

3. Selena Gomez's friends are not thrilled that she's dating Justin Bieber again
Beliebers and Non-Beliebers alike were horrified by the news that the dysfunctional on-again/off-again relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez was officially on again. But if you're looking for someone to blame, don't pin it on Gomez's friends. "We did everything we could to keep them apart but he was so persistent," says a source close to Gomez at The Sun, adding that Bieber "leaves her in a flood of tears constantly." A shocking accusation, given the Biebs' otherwise legendary maturity and thoughtfulness. 

4. Colin Firth says the next Bridget Jones won't be happening anytime soon
You know that third Bridget Jones movie that absolutely no one has been clamoring for? According to Colin Firth, the as-yet untitled third movie is just as low a priority for the franchise's stars. "Unfortunately, it might be a bit of a long wait," says Firth in an interview quoted at The Huffington Post. "I wouldn't say that it's completely dead in the water, but the way it's going, you might be seeing Bridget Jones' granddaughter's story being told by the time we get there." With that alarming premise in mind, moviegoers can presumably look forward to seeing Bridget Jones' granddaughter get grossed out by her grandmother's weirdly candid diary at some point in the decades to come.

5. Neiman Marcus might dump Rob Kardashian's sock line
From sex tapes to reality shows to klothing lines that begin with "K," the members of the Kardashian family have generally managed to convert their diverse interests into cold, hard cash. But according to Radar Online, one Kardashian business is on the brink of failure: Rob Kardashian's line of high-end, brightly patterned socks for Neiman Marcus, which are "poised to be dumped" if sales don't improve. "Rob's socks sold around the Christmas holiday, but since then no one has been really buying them," says a source. "To be honest, a lot of customers bought them more as a gag gift." Don't let it get you down, Rob: Maybe the world just isn't ready for the $30 equivalent of Zubaz for your feet.