Tornado Week kicked off today for the Weather Channel — both on screen and in the network's office. 

The channel has announced a Twitter campaign to promote its upcoming mega-block of tornado-centric programming. Weather Channel interns will be buffeted by a "Twitter-powered tornado" throughout the day, which can be seen on a live feed streaming to the web. The more tweets referencing the campaign's #TornadoWeek hashtag, the harder the artificial wind blows. Should the campaign notch one million mentions, the winds will hit EF-5 levels. On the Enhanced Fujita Scale, EF-5 is the fiercest type of tornado, with winds topping 200 miles per hour.

By midafternoon, the campaign had racked up thousands of tweets — many of them, perhaps unsurprisingly, snarky — as curious Twitter users sought to make things more interesting for themselves, and for those wind-battered interns.

You can watch the live stream above. If you get bored, you know what to do.