We've been warned for months that Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan would parody themselves in Scary Movie 5 — and now that the movie is less than a week away from its not-particularly-anticipated release, the Weinstein Company has been generous enough to release a clip of the scene, which features self-parodic performances by Sheen and Lohan as they embark on a particularly ill-fated one-night stand. (Watch the Scary Movie 5 scene below.)

The scene begins as Sheen works to convince Lohan to sleep with him. Though Lohan demands "privacy," it quickly becomes clear that Sheen is secretly filming a sex tape, to go along with the hundreds of other clandestinely filmed sex tapes lining his walls. As the pair climb into bed, Lohan makes a joke about her court-ordered substance abuse monitor. Hilarious!

Watch the scene for yourself: