Jim Carrey literally gives the middle finger to gun lovers in a new Funny or Die video, playing the frontman of a country band on Hee-Haw in front of an enraged Charlton Heston (also played by Carrey). The spastic, rubber-faced actor is, as usual, not very subtle. A sample lyric:

With your cold dead aim you're trying to prove your d--k is bigger / but now we know, your chariot may not be swinging low [Funny or Die]

If you thought that gun owners would react negatively to penis-envy jokes and Charlton Heston shooting off his own foot, you would be correct. Gateway Pundit responded by posting a montage of Carrey's most violent movie scenes. Herman Cain points out on Twitter that Carrey's upcoming Kick-Ass 2 is filled with graphic violence:

Red State's John Hayward writes, "The conversation Jim Carrey wants to have — the one where he hides behind his armed bodyguards, rakes in millions by shooting prop guns in motion pictures, and hurls vile insults at everyone who resists a level of personal vulnerability he would never accept — should never even begin, because what he wants to take away from the unwashed masses is not his to take."

But if the actor is upset over all of the criticism, he isn't showing it:

According to The Huffington Post, he also released a statement saying, "I find the gun problem frustrating and 'Cold Dead Hand' is my fun little way of expressing that frustration." The single, in which Carrey is backed by the real-life members of the band Eels, is now on sale on iTunes.