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Last week's question: A new study found that nearly 60 percent of the "tuna" sold in the U.S. is actually escolar, an oily fish known to cause explosive diarrhea, while "red snapper" is often other species high in mercury. In light of these findings, please come up with the name of a sushi joint that hints at what patrons are really eating.

THE WINNER: In 'n' Out Sushi
Thomas Riley, Palo Alto, Calif.

SECOND PLACE: Substitushi
Katie Maloof, Peoria Heights, Ill.
THIRD PLACE: Yudono Watsinyo Roll Sushi
Kita Murdock, Boulder


Fish and Rice
Morton Meisler, Leonia, N.J.

Raw Deal
Richard Creason, New Cumberland, Pa.
Dread Snapper
Serena Meyer, New York City

Something Fishy
Joanne Sullivan, Maspeth, N.Y.

Mystery Sushi
Marsha Einhorn, New York City

Kathy El-Assal, Middleton, Wis.

Ponzu Scheme
Matthew J. Milligan, Charlottesville, Va.

Bait & Switch Sushi
Tony Pribyl, Piedmont, Calif.

The Fishy Fish Sushi Buffet
Angela DeFranco, Delmar, N.Y.

Fish Tales
James Smith, Mill Valley, Calif.

Mercury Rising Cafe
Tom Swift, Agoura Hills, Calif.

The Red Herring
Angela D'Ambrosio, Temecula, Calif.

Eat 'n' Go
Gene Beuth, Sebring, Fla.

Fu Ling Yu's Supreme Sushi
Mary Hull, Baltimore

Makyugo Sushi
Mike Luby, Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Gary E. Grove, Phoenix

Ivan Kershner, Salem, S.C.

Liz Stockdill, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Fe Fi Faux Fish
Annette Entin, North Caldwell, N.J.

Sum Kana Sushi
Frank Garza, Austin

Soylent Sushi
Ed Zimney, Bainbridge Island, Wash.

Wei Con Yoo Sushi Restaurant
Claude Lee, Topeka