A small quiz, or quiz-ling, to start the week.

1. On Tuesday, President Obama will tell Congress that the state of our union is:

(a) Strong. As strong as a master of a Thigh-master.

(b) Strong. Not red hot-sauce strong, but strong enough.

(c) Delaware.

(d) Pretty much whatever speechwriter Jon Favreau feels like it ought to be. Probably: optimistic, since Favreau is going to Hollywood.

2. The sequester:

(a) Will turn out to be the worst double-bluff ever, with Republican leaders unable to muster any support for any deal that contains revenue, and the White House credulously assuming that Republicans aren't willing to actually call their, uh, bluff.

(b) A fan of a non-very-well-made NBC science fiction drama in the 90s.

(c) Is a word that only juries used to learn.

3.  Chuck Hagel's confirmation as defense secretary is:

(a) All but assured, assuming that there is no outstanding paperwork issue.

(b) On indefinite TDY.

(c) Proof to conservatives that conservatives have a better sense of humor than the writers for Saturday Night Live

4. Conservative radio host Mark Levin is on a tear about:

(a) Karl Rove.

(b) The former senior adviser for Crossroads GPS.

(c) Former White House aides "who were never conservative to begin with."

(d) The occasional incompetence of his producer.

5. The U.S. Army Skills and Evaluation Detachment is:

(a) An organization whose benign title belies its fascinating purpose.

(b) Very hard to find in a telephone directory.

(c) The guardians of the military's most secretive, most desirable, most interesting special mission unit.

(d) Recruiting now!

(e) All of the above.

6. This week, the following two entities will merge:

(a) Upscale cosmetics brand Jack Black and downscale but highly-acclaimed actor Jack Black. 

(b) Outrage and opportunism, somewhere in Washington.

(c) Presidential speculation and Marco Rubio.

(d) American Airlines and US Airways.

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