Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner plans to write a book about his time in government, with a focus on "how to fight global financial crises," according to Zachary Goldfarb at The Washington Post. Geithner was at the front line of the government's response to the financial crisis, first as the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York under President Bush, then as head of the Treasury under President Obama. His legacy has been hotly debated, with some crediting Geithner with rescuing the financial system, and others accusing him of coddling the big banks. And nowhere was that divide so succinctly reflected, with some snark thrown into the mix, than on Twitter today, as analysts and journalists suggested book titles under the hashtag #Geithnerbooktitles. Here, some of the best:

Honorary mention: Charles Gasparino at Fox Business Network, for going on an alternately hilarious and ridiculous anti-Geithner rant: