Stock up on Korbel and Axe body spray: The Entourage movie has officially been greenlit by Warner Bros. The upcoming film, which is based on the HBO series that ran an inexplicable eight seasons between 2004 and 2011, will pick up roughly six months after the series left off, with A-list actor Vincent Chase navigating the good life with his brother Johnny "Drama" and buddies Eric and Turtle— which happens to be more or less where the series began.

Where could Entourage possibly go from here? In September, series producer Mark Wahlberg offered some tantalizing, vaguely misogynistic hints when he said that the series had been "weighed down" when it introduced so many "strong women" in its later seasons, and that the proposed Entourage movie would finally "get back to just being guys."

Thankfully, even if Wahlberg insists on being coy with the details, Twitter is here to fill in the gaps. After eight straight seasons of partying and high-fiving, what stories could Entourage possibly have left to tell? A few suggestions from the Twitterverse:

A promising opening: 

 It could be familiar:




Or forge a whole new trail for the Entourage boys: