Seville Classics UltraSlimline 
This foot-tall oscillating fan provides “about everything you can ask for in a desktop breeze maker.” It’s affordable, sturdy, and compact, and has three speed settings. 

Two-tone Hourglass
Time tasks and meetings in style with this “two-tone, extra-large take on the most timeless of desk accessories.” It’ll also add a meditative cast to counting down the last minutes before 6. 
New York magazine

Qualy Thirsty Bird
Bring a liter bottle of water in every morning and perch it on this unique dispenser. The bird is the dispenser’s faucet, and the stand comes with adapters for soda or sports-drink bottles.

Desktop Skill Ball
Turn any desk into “the office’s most popular gathering spot” with this skee-ball game from New Entertainment, which also produces mini adaptations of bowling and golf.
Source: Good Housekeeping

BE Light
“Inspired by origami’s precision and simplicity,” QisDesign’s lightweight desk lamp folds perfectly flat to free up space when not in use. Wiring is built in, and the lamp’s aluminum body “stays cool to the touch.”
Source: Men’s Journal