1. Horde of fans breaks into Lady Gaga's garage on Thanksgiving weekend
Lady Gaga, ever the iconoclast, found a characteristically unique way to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving, reports Gawker: Naked, in a Peruvian kitchen, eating leftovers and fending off dozens of unusually passionate fans who had broken into the home's garage. The pop star, who spent the holiday in Peru, tweeted that she was so engaged when a security camera revealed "35 monsters in my garage" — referring to the colloquial name for her fans, and not to actual monsters.

2. "Stop watching Two and a Half Men," says star of Two and a Half Men
Two and a Half Men may be one of the longest-running, highest-rated shows on television, but at least one person isn't a fan: Star Angus T. Jones, who plays the titular "half man" (even though, at age 19, he has legally qualified as a full man for over a year). TV Line offers a video of the actor calling the sitcom "filth," saying he wants out of the series, and asking fans to "please stop watching it" — echoing a plea that TV critics have been making for nearly a decade.

3. Overall-clad Justin Bieber meets the Canadian Prime Minister
Two of Canada's most familiar faces met over the weekend, when pop star Justin Bieber was awarded the honorary Diamond Jubilee Medal by Prime Minister Stephen Harper — but, while Harper attended the event in his Sunday best, Bieber showed up wearing a backwards cap and unbuckled overalls. Bieber defended his garb, US Weekly reports, by saying that he'd come directly from a performance, which may or may not have taken place at a barnyard.

4. Psy's "Gangnam Style" is the most-viewed YouTube video of all time
The weekend brought more bad news for those afflicted with Bieber Fever: Viral video sensation Psy's "Gangnam Style" has officially surpassed Bieber's "Boyfriend" to become YouTube's most-watched video of all time, according to MTV News. Psy celebrated his new status as a permanent and timeless fixture in the pop-culture firmament by letting the dogs out and dancing the Macarena.

5. PETA gets Miley Cyrus a birthday pig
Miley Cyrus spent her 20th birthday weekend partying in the USA, but PETA provided her most unusual gift, reports Zap2It: A pig named Nora, which the non-profit is sponsoring in Cyrus' name. PETA Vice President Tracy Reiman called the rescued pig a "perfect birthday present" for the delighted Cyrus — proving that you can, in fact, find something for the girl who has everything.