You probably don't recall the first time you tasted a lemon, but it's a good bet you wriggled and winced impressively when the fruit's punishing tartness hit your naive taste buds. These days, smartphone-equipped parents are always ready to film their kids' hilarious first reactions to extreme tastes ranging from tart and bitter to sweet and spicy. Here, some of the more amusing double-takes:

Atomic Warhead candy
Brayden is one brave toddler. Despite his family's stern warnings that Atomic Warhead candy is "super sour," he begs to experience it anyway. In this home video posted on Nov. 8, Brayden realizes his grave mistake seconds after popping a Warhead in his mouth — his chubby face contorts, his eyes clamp shut, and his shoulders scrunch up to his ears. As he waves his arms, it looks like he might cut his experiment short, but he perseveres, ultimately surviving the "Holy Grail of Halloween candy" and celebrating with a prideful booty shake.

Spicy yellow pepper
In July, a video of one boy's first bite of a spicy yellow pepper understandably took off on YouTube. While dining out with his family, the boy lazily grabs for a yellow pepper, takes an uninterested bite, chews, mulls, and finally registers the unrelenting discomfort of spice. He soundlessly grabs for his soft drink, and when that doesn't cut it, chugs water fruitlessly from a nearby cup — ultimately bearing the pain in noble silence.

Ice cream
New tastes aren't all bad. Earlier this year, Moos Tracks ice cream filmed a bunch of babies and toddlers tasting the cold treat for the first time. Apart from a few instances of adorable brain freeze, the reactions are pretty joyous.

Unless they're liberally sweetened, these sour grape-like fruits can be hard to stomach. But one 8-month-old baby attempts to power through the sour-bitter flavor experience, pursing his lips and shaking his head — and, somewhat masochistically, biting off a little more gooseberry each time it's offered.

Root beer
While dining out with his family, Noah is sent into a giggling tizzy by his few first sips of root beer. While it's unclear whether he's tripping on the bubbles or the tangy sweetness, a root-beer addict has obviously been born.

Clips of babies eating lemons for the first time have become such classics that multiple compilation videos exist. Typically, the unsuspecting victim eagerly grabs the pungent slice from a family member's hands and dives right in. Then the misery unfolds: The baby scrunches up his face, opens his mouth with what looks like awe mixed with disgust, and desperately tries to rid his tongue of the flavor. Yet, almost always, he happily tries again.