1. A second Kim Kardashian sex tape is allegedly on the horizon
It’s 2007 all over again: A second sex tape featuring Kim Kardashian and former beau Ray J is allegedly on the market, with a reported asking price of $30 million. “Kim Kardashian rose to fame on the back of a sex tape,” notes Fox News, failing to add a "wink, wink" to the end of the sentence. Thanks to the subsequent, somewhat more reputable renown she’s earned for her reality show and tabloid appearances, however, she may be able to block the video’s release, suggests a source. Ahhh, irony.

2. Tom Cruise won’t press charges against trespasser
Tom Cruise has decided not to press charges against Jason Sullivan, a "model and reality TV star," according to Starpulse, who drunkenly attempted to climb a fence into Cruise’s property — mistakenly thinking it belonged to a friend — and was tasered by the A-Lister's security team. What this means for the rest of us: Anyone who still has a “Don’t Taze Me, Bro” T-shirt from the 2004 election can throw together a timely last-minute Halloween costume.

3. Obama family’s favorite TV shows: Modern Family, Parks & Recreation
Presidents — they’re just like us! When the Obamas sit down for a nice quiet night of non-debate television, they elect to watch Modern Family or Parks & Recreation, reports TV Guide. For solo watching, President Obama prefers dark dramas like Showtime's Homeland, a tacit critique of U.S. foreign policy, which must make for light viewing for America's Commander-in-Chief.

4. NBC passes on Rainn Wilson’s The Office spin-off
In news sure to disappoint those of you who still watch NBC sitcom The Office, the network has decided not to pursue a proposed spin-off called The Farm and built around Rainn Wilson's character Dwight Schrute, when The Office goes off the air next spring. The actor broke the news on Twitter, says The Hollywood Reporter, optimistically tweeting “onward and upward!” — which shouldn’t be too hard, given that he was about to star in a spin-off of The Office set on a farm.

5. Emma Roberts dresses as Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman for Halloween
In a delightfully meta surprise, Emma Roberts dressed up as Vivian Ward — the “hooker with a heart of gold” played by her Aunt Julia in breakout hit Pretty Woman — for a recent Halloween party, reports Entertainment Weekly. “Hey, why haven’t we remade Pretty Woman yet?” some studio executive surely thought. “Can we get the rights to that?”