1. Justin Timberlake didn't invite former 'N Sync bandmates to wedding
Proving that sometimes "Bye Bye Bye" really means bye bye bye, Justin Timberlake didn't invite any of his former 'N Sync bandmates to his weekend nuptials with Jessica Biel, reports Fox News. The four men "are pretty upset about it," says a source, somehow resisting the urge to add, "it's tearin' up their hearts."

2. Jolie-Pitt children to make cameos in Jolie's Maleficent
In an example of Hollywood nepotism sure to dishearten waiters all across Los Angeles, several small roles in Disney's upcoming  Maleficent, which stars Angelina Jolie, will be played Jolie's children, reports the New York Daily News. Vivienne, Pax, and Zahara will all appear in the film, though 6-year-old Shiloh — revealing a mercurial, diva-like streak that surely marks her as a future star — decided she "was bored and not in the mood" on the day she was supposed to film.

3. Lindsay Lohan live-tweets debate
Monday night's presidential debate earned the analysis of at least one unexpected political commentator: Lindsay Lohan. During the debate, Lohan earnestly tweeted at Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman, and Vanity Fair, demonstrating what Entertainment Weekly calls a "malfunctioning sarcasm radar." Lohan kicked things off by tweeting: "OMG it is HAPPENING!!!!!!!! The Final Debate!!!!! I'm so nervous!" and wrapped up with "Nice work to both @BarackObama and @mittromney... i'm so relieved that its over. Maybe more than both of you..severe anxiety-God Bless xo L." Everything in between was equally insightful.

4. Bradley Cooper calls Richard Gere the sexiest man alive
In just a few weeks, People Magazine will bestow its coveted Sexiest Man Alive title on another modern Adonis — and 2011 winner Bradley Cooper has a suggestion for the heir to his throne: Richard Gere, who was already dubbed the Sexiest Man Alive by People in 1999. Asked to elaborate on his unconventional selection, Cooper explained, "He's sexy" — which does, admittedly, seem like the most important criteria.

5. Honey Boo Boo feigns sleep on Dr. Drew
On Monday, Honey Boo Boo appeared as a guest on Dr. Drew, and seemed less than impressed with her host, reports Entertainment Weekly. During the interview, the 7-year-old reality star loudly feigned snoring in response to Dr. Drew's queries. "Let's get this done so we can go," her mother urged the not-really-sleeping child. Honey Boo Boo responded by flapping her arms.