1. Binders full of women: The game
Mitt Romney's "binders full of women" flub may or may not have turned off female voters. But the candidate's awkward phrase spawned more than its fair share of internet spin-offs, replete with a Facebook group, a dedicated Tumblr, and, strangely, an official game. Play it here.

2. Did someone say binders full of women?
Romney wasn't the only politician to be sucked into the now-notorious binder's vortex. Former President Bill Clinton was also implicated. (Via Tumblr)

3. Menacing Josh Romney
During Tuesday's presidential debate, a stone-faced Josh Romney beamed his laser eyes into the camera while his father and President Obama squared off on stage — and a smitten internet embraced the gif. (Via Huffington Post)

4. Arrested Decision 2012

What happens when Arrested Development meets election-themed snapshots? Well, this Tumblr.

5. Pitchfork's amazing Bat for Lashes feature
Music website Pitchfork revealed a dazzling, scrolling, must-see feature story profiling singer-songwriter Natasha Khan, known by her stage name Bat for Lashes. Says Reuters blogger Felix Salmon, "This is web design."

6. Romney's elusive tax plan
Cheeky Democrats unveiled a gimmicky website that promises to shed light on the Republican candidate's questionable arithmetic. Beware: The design is (hilariously) squirmy.

7. Catch-the-ice dude
This unlucky fellow tries to cannonball into an ice-covered swimming pool. The resulting video isn't pretty.

8. Kanye Wesanderson
In this Tumblr, Kanye West lyrics find a surprisingly comfortable home juxtaposed over stills from films by quirky director Wes Anderson.

9. Skateboarding through a ghost town
A group of lucky skaters live every kid's dream of tearing their way through an eerie ghost town unchecked by authorities. This short takes place in Ordos, a northern China city that's nearly completely deserted thanks to soaring property taxes. (Via The Atlantic)

10. Baby elephant rescued from a well
In this viral video, an 8-month-old calf is adorably rescued by workers in Africa after getting stuck in a well.

11. Cat jumps 24 miles from space
Felix Baumgartner made history when he dove from a capsule at the bleeding edge of space down to Earth. In turn, the internet made this. (Via io9)