Speed demon cowboys
A new stretch of Texas highway will have the highest speed limit in the U.S. — 85 mph — when it opens in November. [Business Insider]

Permanent endorsements
Madonna is photographed with a large "OBAMA" tattoo on her lower back. [BuzzFeed]

Lazy students
A Maryland school nixes formal homework, and instead just encourages kids to read a book every night. [Newser]


Monetary magic tricks
A Massachusetts magic store owner is sentenced to prison for credit card fraud after making more than $560,000 disappear from a longtime customer's bank account. [AP]

Playing fetch
A California woman's beagle surprises the community when it comes home with a human foot in its mouth. [CBS]

Misguided revenge
An angry Ottawa restaurant owner creates a fake sex site profile for a patron who posted a negative online review of the eatery. [Gawker]

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