Living long and prospering
A Georgia woman becomes only the eighth person ever to celebrate a 116th birthday. [Slate]

After an elderly woman botches the restoration of a Spanish fresco, making Jesus resemble a "pale monkey," hundreds of tourists flock to the church to view it. [Discovery News]

Punctuality-minded Star Wars fans
An R2D2-themed alarm clock made from highly-detailed molds of the character will roll around your room playing the Star Wars theme song until you get out of bed. [Gizmodo]


A new survey finds that 37 percent of women and 29 percent of men believe snooping through a partner's text messages or emails is acceptable if bad behavior is suspected. [Mashable]

Envelope-pushing TV
NBC's Salt Lake City affiliate pulls The New Normal, a new sitcom that features a gay family, from its fall lineup. [Videogum]

Stealing from the sick
A man steals a phone from an Ebola patient in a Ugandan isolation ward and promptly contracts the disease himself.  [Huffington Post]

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