Customer service
A hotel in Winnipeg obliges a grown man's room-service request for a "pre-made pillow fort." [The Daily What]

Taking advantage of a typo
A New Zealander snags a BMW on eBay for $1 before the dealership is able to correct its typo. [Tecca]

Getting wired
The Indian Prime Minister reportedly plans to provide over 6 million Indian families who fall below the poverty line with free cell phones. [Geekosystem]


Oversized luggage
An inebriated Norwegian tourist passes out on the baggage belt in the Rome airport, triggering a security lockdown. [Newser]

Confirming an urban legend
A woman discovers that a spider had been living in her ear for five days. [Discovery News]

Employee vigilantism
A Walmart employee allegedly hit a suspected shoplifter with his car in an attempt to stop the teen from leaving the parking lot. [Gawker]

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