Sticking the landing
After years of speculation, anxiety, and planning, NASA's Curiosity rover successfully lands on Mars. [New York]

Your bearded brethren
Researchers find that facial hair provides an effective barrier to the sun's U.V. rays. [The Frisky]

Pixar superfans
A robot enthusiast creates a life-sized, fully-functioning version of Pixar's adorable, lonely Wall-E. [TIME]


Insisting that "the flag was still there"
The American flag blows off its mount as "The Star Spangled Banner" plays during Serena Williams' medal ceremony. [Gawker]

Appreciating the local wildlife
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is chased out of Malawi by a swarm of bees. [BuzzFeed]

Olympic overexcitement
An allegedly drunken spectator at the 100-meter men's final in London gets a chop from a judo medalist after he throws a water bottle onto the track. [Discovery News

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