People tired of seeing their friends' babies
A new internet browser extension,, automatically replaces Facebook photos of friends' babies with cats. [Slate]

Dino lovers
An eccentric billionaire plans to build a real-life version of Jurassic Park on his estate. [Death & Taxes]

Blowing off steam with no repercussions
A new start-up allows disgruntled employees to anonymously vent their frustrations directly to their managers. [TIME]


Zuck's .001 percent cred
Facebook's poor stock performance drops Mark Zuckerberg off the list of top 10 tech billionaires. [Newser]

The criminally dumb
A man who allegedly stole a $600 bike from a shop is caught when he brings the bike back a few hours later so he can buy a lock. [Consumerist]

Unwanted endorsements
Porn star Jenna Jameson endorses Mitt Romney for president. [HyperVocal]

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