Little monsters
Director Robert Rodriguez reveals on Twitter that Lady Gaga will make her big-screen acting debut in his upcoming film Machete Kills. [The Daily]

Reaching crustacean retirement age
A Connecticut man pays big bucks to save a lobster — estimated to be 70 to 100 years old — from being boiled for dinner. [Discovery News]

Appropriate baby names
The Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C., announces that it will name a pair of baby cheetah cubs after the fastest American Olympians in the 100-meter dash. [BuzzFeed]


Madonna is booed by fans in Paris who demand a refund after she performs a fleeting 45-minute set. [Newser]

Chord progressions
A new study finds that music today is louder and far less diverse in terms of chords and melodies than it was 50 years ago. [Business Insider

Topical humor
Less than a week after a gunman massacres a dozen people in a dark movie theater, comedian Dane Cook offends fans by making a tasteless joke about the Aurora shooting in his stand-up act. [The Daily What]

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