Three little bears
A couple rescues three bear cubs from a dumpster they were trapped in. [BuzzFeed]

Generational dominance
A 60-year-old man becomes a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather in the span of three months when his wife, daughter, and granddaughter all give birth to boys. [The Daily What]

Showing some skin
Despite a new rule that lets relatively modest female Olympic volleyball players compete in shorts and T-shirts instead of the standard bikini uniform, the U.S. team vows to continue to spike in bikinis. [Jezebel]


Fashion vigilantes
An angry driver tries to run over a pedestrian because he "didn't like the plaid jacket he was wearing." [Newser]

Buttery fingers
A customer at London's Playboy Club drops and shatters a $77,000 bottle of scotch, one of the world's most expensive bottles of liquor. [Death & Taxes]

Inauspicious beginnings
A plane carrying a "Will you marry me?" banner takes a nosedive and crashes off the coast of Rhode Island. [TIME]

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