Automotive longetivity
A New York man's 1966 Volvo racks up close to 3 million miles. [Consumerist]

Cookies, maybe
Sesame Street delights young-at-heart internet users with an official Cookie Monster parody video of "Call Me Maybe." [Tecca]

Staying in character
Actor Ron Perlman dresses up as his signature Hellboy character to visit a Hellboy-obsessed 6-year-old leukemia patient. [New York]


Hastily hitting send
A college student accidentally sends an email to a potential employer with a crazed photo of Nicolas Cage attached instead of her cover letter and resume. [Huffington Post]

Awfully questionable parenting
An X-ray machine catches an Egyptian couple trying to smuggle their 5-month-old baby through airport security in a suitcase. [The Stir]

Utah Valley Magazine titles an article on colorful women's clothing "Women of color," and pairs it with a photo of the magazine's all-white staff adorned in brightly-colored attire. [Gawker]

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