The judges' table on American Idol is in for another makeover, with diva Jennifer Lopez and rocker Steven Tyler reportedly both possibly not returning for another season. Even long-time judge Randy Jackson's future is uncertain. So who will Fox find to inject new life into the show when its twelfth season begins? According to E! News, Fox is eyeing season eight runner-up Adam Lambert, who says Idol producers haven't talked to him about the job, although he'd be interested. Would he a be a good choice to help lift up Idol's plummeting ratings?

Lambert is the perfect pick: This is "a pretty genius idea," says Michael Slezak at TV Line. The glam Lambert revels in being a provocateur, and could restore some of the "fearless, polarizing energy" that has been missing since Simon Cowell left the show after season nine. "His quick wit, puckish demeanor, and outsize charisma" are obvious pluses, and, unlike J-Lo, he has the technical knowledge to offer "insightful critiques that go beyond telling contestants they were 'pitchy.'"
"Adam Lambert as American Idol judge? Four reasons he'd be a great addition"

But he's not a big enough star: Don't get us wrong, says "We do love Adam." He was robbed when the he was beaten out by Kris Allen for the season eight crown. "But in the absence of Simon Cowell, J-Lo has become the 'star' of the show." It's hard to see how Lambert can replace her "A-list appeal."
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Lambert is a star... but that's not always enough: Lambert is unquestionably one of American Idol's "biggest stars," says Tim Nudd at People. He "has the outsize personality that would seem perfect for television." But singing is one talent; instantly sizing up a performance and offering an insightful, entertaining critique is another. Only time will tell whether Lambert, who "took the world by storm as a contestant," has "what it takes to sit on the other side of the judges' table."
"American Idol: Should Adam Lambert be a judge?"