Protesting protests
Hundreds of Texas A&M graduates form a human wall to prevent the Westboro Baptist Church from picketing the funeral of their fellow Aggie Lieutenant Colonel Roy Tisdale. [The Daily Dot]

Narrowly avoiding the jaws of fate
A Massachusetts kayaker has a close call with a great white shark off the shores of Cape Cod. [BuzzFeed]

Messy eaters
A blogger creates the "tacone," an ingenious marriage of the taco shell and waffle ice-cream cone that allows one to eat a taco without spilling a drop. [Death & Taxes


A new survey finds that 30 percent of meat-eating singles say they wouldn't date a vegetarian or vegan, while only 4 percent of non-meat-eaters said they wouldn't consider dating a carnivore. [Newser]

Life imitating Footloose
A New York City couple is arrested for allegedly impeding pedestrian traffic by dancing the Charleston on a subway platform. [Business Insider]

Political correctness
A "pro skinny" website called Skinny Gossip fat-shames Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton by calling her "thunder thighs" and "fatty." [Gothamist]

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