Bacon lovers with a death wish
A Southern California burger chain introduces the 'Merica Burger, which is made of 100 percent ground bacon. [Gawker]

A piggy bank payoff
After saving up for 35 years, a couple makes their last mortgage payment with 62,000 pennies, which were delivered in boxes weighing a total of 800 pounds. [Consumerist]

Kicking the habit
Tori the cigarette-smoking orangutan, a popular attraction at an Indonesian zoo, goes cold turkey when she is relocated to an island preserve out of reach from her human enablers. [Geekosystem]


Going the renter's route
Rents are rising nationwide — to the highest average in five years, according to new data — which often makes buying a home a better deal than renting one. [The Billfold]

Off-message moms
Brad Pitt's mom pens a letter to a local newspaper declaring her support for Mitt Romney and her strong aversion to gay marriage, much to the chagrin of her progressive mega-celebrity son. [Newser]

Overly permissive parenting
An Arizona mother is arrested after she is spotted pouring beer into her 2-year-old's sippy cup. Her excuse? He "kept reaching" for the pitcher. [UPI]

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