Reimagining Independence Day
A National Geographic poll finds that Americans believe President Obama would do better than Mitt Romney in fending off an alien attack. [Discovery News]

Super specs
Google announces the official pre-sale of Google Glass, the nifty Terminator-style eyeglasses the search giant introduced as a prototype in April. [Tecca]

Joining the century club
Hillary Clinton embarks on a trip to Latvia, setting a new record for the most countries ever visited by a Secretary of State. This is her 100th country. [New York]


The most trusted name in news
CNN initially reports that the Supreme Court struck down ObamaCare's individual mandate. In fact, the opposite is true. [The Daily Dot]

Feeling safe
Eight TSA security screeners at New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport are fired for allegedly sleeping on the job... in front of monitors that are used to detect bombs and other security threats. [Consumerist]

Wedding crashers
Alec Baldwin reportedly plans to send his wedding "invitation" via mass text message on the day of the nuptials to keep the date and location a secret from the paparazzi. [Videogum]

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